My Home Showroom

Dolly Couture Bridal understand it's not easy to order "the dress" for you big day without seeing something in person. We are in the process of offering the line in various bridal salons across the US starting in 2021.
In the meantime, we do offer the My Home Showroom | try before you buy program. It's a great option that seems to work out great for many DCB2B.
PLEASE NOTE: Not all styles are available in every size & availability might be 1 to 3 weeks from your request date.
I will always try to accomodate you based on your event date.
Here's the scoop!

To participate, you must agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

● You may choose up to 2 dresses to be sent.

● Shipping is a $40.00 fee (per dress) that covers both shipment to and from the US location you provide.

● USPS Priority shipping takes approximately 2 to 4 business days.

● You may borrow the dress(es) for 48 hours from the time of delivery.

● If you decide to hold the dress(es) for longer than the 48 hour period allotted, a $20.00 fee (per dress) will be made for each extra day.

● If you hold the dress(es) for longer, after 5 days you will be sent an invoice for the full retail price of the dress(es) .

● You will be provided with an invoice, compression travel bag(s) & prepaid return label (please ship them back in the original box)

● Each dress is a sample, and sizes are not guaranteed. Some dresses may be larger or smaller than your measurements. Clips will be included.

● The dress(es) must be returned in the same manner received. By agreeing to these terms, you are agreeing to full responsibility for any damages while in your care. If returned in worse condition, you will be charged to repair or to professionally clean the dress(es).

● The dress is not to be worn on your wedding day. (You would be surprised:) DCB dresses borrowed through this program are for the sole purpose to try before you buy.

● If you are interested in keeping one as a purchase please note your $20 return shipping fee will be credited to your account.

● You will also get a $40 credit if you purchase another gown within 14 days.

By participating in the My Home Showroom program, you are consenting to the following:

I have read and agree to all terms and conditions for the My Home Showroom Program. As the credit card holder, I agree to allow Dolly Couture Bridal to charge my credit card for shipping and give authorization for the full retail price of the dress(es). If, for any reason, I violate the terms of this agreement. I understand these terms & accept responsibility for each dress that I borrow.

Contact DCB for info & styles/sizes available.



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